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Wicked International Tour - 20/07/2016

Chris is now the drummer for the International Tour of Wicked opening in Bradford tonight before travelling to Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou & Zurich.


  Wicked The Musical


Blackfield Open Mind Live - 08/06/2016

Further footage of Blackfield's first TV appearance in Israel has been uploaded at YouTube.


  Blackfield Live


Ray Davies - 16/06/2015

Recently Chris successfully auditioned to be the drummer in Ray Davies' band and was surprised to discover he would be playing alongside It Bites original bass player Dick Nolan. Chris has just played his first show at the Norwegian Wood Festival in Oslo and was privileged to share the stage with Jackson Browne who guested on Waterloo Sunset. Click on the picture for a clip and the link below for further dates.

  Chris Maitland Ray Davies Jackson Browne


Wicked - 16/05/2015

Last night Chris played his first performance of Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London as a deputy for drummer Pete May.


  Wicked The Musical


Singing With Steven Wilson Archive Footage - 11/02/2015

Re-found footage of Chris and Steven Wilson singing together at an acoustic 'in-store' session during Porcupine Tree's 2001 American Tour has recently been uploaded to YouTube at the link below.

For a clip please click on the picture.


  Chris Maitland Steve Wilson Singing Instore


20th Century Boy - 18/04/2014

Chris is the Onstage Drummer and Assistant Musical Director for the new Marc Bolan/TRex Musical. For more information please click on the picture.

  No Man Interview


Rock Of Ages Finale - 05/11/2013

Audience footage of the closing night finale featuring the band taking the final bow.

  No Man Interview


Chris spots legendary guitarist Pat Travers at Rock Of Ages - 14/10/2013

For more information please click on the picture.

  No Man Interview


Nosound's Giancarlo Erra Interview - 25/09/2013

An interview clip with Giancarlo Erra talking about working with Chris on Nosound's 'Afterthoughts' album.

(If interview runs from beginning, clip is at 10 minutes)

  No Man Interview


Prog Magazine Interview - 01/06/13

The June edition of Prog Magazine includes an article on Nosound's 'Afterthoughts' release featuring an interview with Chris.

  Prog Magazine


Kscope Podcast - 01/05/13

Kscope record label has just released it's 38th Podcast Episode - The Nosound 'Aftertoughts' Special featuring a condensed interview with Chris. To listen, please click on the Kscope logo.

  No Man Interview


Nosound 'Afterthoughts' Album - 27/04/13

Chris has been recording both drums and vocals with Giancarlo Erra of Nosound and features on all tracks of their forthcoming fourth album entitled 'Afterthoughts'.

For more information please click on the album cover picture.


  No Man Interview


Rock Of Ages Move - 18/01/13

Rock Of Ages has moved and opens tonight in London's West End at The Garrick Theatre on Charing Cross Road.

  Rock Of Ages


Playing with Alice Cooper - 15/08/12

Chris played with Alice Cooper last night when Alice made a guest appearance at Rock Of Ages.


Additional BBC News link

Alice Cooper Picture Thumb   Alice Copper Video Thumb


Interview video - 17/12/11

A new addition to the Video section is this clip taken from No-man's dvd 'Mixtaped'.

  No Man Interview


Singing with Blackfield Clip - 13/10/11

Some additional footage of Blackfield's first TV appearance in Israel has recently been found uploaded to YouTube featuring Chris singing on the track "Cloudy Now".

  Cloudy Now


Rock Of Ages - 23/08/11

Chris is the drummer for the established American musical
Rock Of Ages soon to open at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London's West End.


Rock Of Ages


Porcupine Tree's 'Recordings' album reissued - 23/08/10

The last major missing piece of the Porcupine Tree back catalogue is finally available again.

Although mainly a collection of leftover tracks from 'Stupid Dream' and 'Lightbulb Sun', the band and many fans consider 'Recordings' to be every bit as strong as both these albums.

Aswell as favourite songs like 'Buying New Soul' and 'Disappear', it includes the full 14 minute version of 'Even Less' and great instrumental tracks such as 'Ambulance Chasing' and the wonderfully atmospheric 'Untitled'.




No-man 'Mixtaped' DVD - 10/11/09

Chris makes a rare interview appearance on No-man's first ever DVD release.

For more information please click on the picture.



Guilt Machine Album Release - 31/08/09

Today sees the release of 'On This Perfect Day', the album from Arjen Lucassen's new 'Guilt Machine' project on which Chris plays drums.

For more information please click on the picture.

  Guilt Machine


Drum Club Magazine Interview - 01/06/09

Whilst in Milan this March playing for the International Tour of Mamma Mia, Chris was sought out by Italy's 'Drum Club' magazine for a rare interview which has recently been published in their June/July issue.

  Drum Club


Zildjian Cymbals Chris Maitland Artist Page - 28/06/08

Chris has been a Zildjian Artist for many years and just recently a page has been created for him at the Zildjian Cymbals web-site. His classic Porcupine Tree set-up is displayed together with a previously unseen photo of him taken whilst playing with the band in Greece.

To view his page please click here.



Porcupine Tree's 'Lightbulb Sun' album reissued - 07/03/08

A brand new edition of the 2000 Porcupine Tree studio album 'Lightbulb Sun' is released on April 21st as a 2 disc CD/DVDA set.

In addition to a recent remix and remaster of the CD, the DVDA will include the original 2000 mix & master plus bonus tracks, and the booklet will include an added photo of the band. For further details click here.

  Lightbulb Sun


Chris Maitland at 'MySpace' - 04/01/07

Chris has recently set up a MySpace site where in addition to seeing pictures, viewing video and hearing audio clips which other members may 'rate', those that are added as 'Friends' can also post comments.

To visit please click here.



Porcupine Tree Archive Live Footage! - 01/10/06

This onstage hand-held video camera footage filmed by his drum technician shows Chris entering the throes of the power-chord at the end of the band's performance. It goes on to show the group taking their bow and displays the atmosphere created at Rome's Palacisalfa in 2001.

  Handheld Clip


Porcupine Tree's 'Stupid Dream' album reissued - 01/05/06

A brand new edition of the 1999 Porcupine Tree studio album 'Stupid Dream' is released on May 15th as both a 2 disc CD/DVDA set, and a double vinyl LP.

The DVDA will include the promo video for the single Piano Lessons and a photo gallery with live shots. For further details click here.



Snippets from travels on the Mamma Mia International Tour - 21/02/06

Ever since the last entry Chris has continued to be abroad playing for the Mamma Mia International Tour and below are links to snippets taken on his travels.

Mamma Mia kit photograph

Short drumming video clip

Photograph of Chris with Philomena Lynott

  Mamma Mia


Search for Stolen Drums - 27/09/05

Some of Chris's original 'Hamma' drums in their instantly recognisable 'Poly-Copper' copper covering were stolen at the end of last year. Whilst not being a state-of-the-art line of drums, they are collectable being rare and are not only of sentimental value to Chris having formed part of his original kit, but they also feature within the Porcupine Tree catalogue - specifically on 'Sever' from the 'Signify' album.

Being unusual both in brand and colour they are easy to spot and should any possible leads ever be discovered at all, notification via the contact page of this site would be very much appreciated.

For more specific details including a photo, please click here.


Web Site Response - 27/08/05

Chris would like to send a message of sincere thanks to all those who sent emails to the site. As so many messages were received, he was not able to reply to all of them and so chose to respond to those that included a request for information or an answer to a question. However, he is touched by the enormity of the response and the wonderful compliments written to him.


Welcome to the Chris Maitland web site! - 27/07/05

Initially produced as a CD-Rom presentation the format still serves as somewhat of a 'cv', though with current 'news' simply being Chris's continuation on the Mamma Mia International Tour, possible additions to the site may be for example memorabilia from earlier band history and might therefore be of a more retrospective nature....

Chris Maitland

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